team glu

an open source application lifecycle management solution

what is team glu?

team glu is an open source application lifecycle management solution which will help development teams get more done by increasing traceability across disciplines, improving collaboration between people involved in the software development lifecycle and accelerating software quality

The goal of team glu is to provide software development teams with an integrated solution which will help them to build quality software and be more productive. team glu is broken down by software discipline;

  • Project Planning – Plan and assign development tasks and track their progress against your development cycle.
  • Requirements Management – Define requirements to the level that suits the team and realise the end-to-end traceability from requirements through task completion and testing.
  • Task Management – Task, bug and feature tracking for software development teams.
  • Software Configuration Management – Links tasks to SCM commits (initial integration with Git SCM)
  • Quality Management – test case management and manual test execution.
  • Build Automation – Monitor progress of your builds (initial integration with Jenkins CI).

Team glu will allow project level configuration that allows project teams to enable, disable and configure components of team glu to provide the best possible fit for their work practices.

team glu is an open source project build on django. See how you can contribute.
Version: 0.0.1-int07 (June 6 2011), License: BSD Simplified