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and as I walked through the darkness I saw a light...

Pretty profound eh… well, the truth isn’t. What have I been doing the past few years, not much and definitely not working on team glu, but I have been working and occasionally I get some personal… more

added on Dec. 15, 2015

YASM Prototype

Well… only a week later than I would have hoped, but the yet another state machine (yasm) prototype is up and running.

the yasm prototype allows for;

  • custom record types and fields (to… more

added on June 17, 2012

yet another state machine

Well, almost 12 months since the last blog entry… 12 months… Team Glu should be finished right? Far from it.

Between a running after a one and a half year old child, work and home life there… more

added on June 10, 2012

application lifecycle management

I’ve been thinking a lot over the last few months about what I originally set out to achieve with Team Glu. Visibility of a product roadmap with doing little more than project planning and task… more

added on July 24, 2011

build 0.0.1-int07 in int

Sometimes it’s just better to deliver something, even if it isn’t everything you hoped to have done; the latest deploy to int is exactly that.

int07 brings some improvements such as;

added on June 6, 2011