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a slow may

There hasn’t been a lot of progress on team glu this month. Between attempting a bathroom renovation, little Ruby, my day job (that pays the bills and funds my other hobbies) and my love of home brew… more

added on May 23, 2011

build 0.0.1-int06

Integration build 6 has been released to int, and with it comes a few small features.

Edit and delete functions for;

  • Task types
  • Custom fields, and
  • Task comments.

That’s it for… more

added on April 19, 2011

new tasks

The latest build is now in int.

Build 0.0.1-int05 allows users to add new tasks.

I have noticed a weird problem in int that doesn’t… more

added on April 7, 2011

custom tasks and custom fields

I promoted the latest build (tagged 0.0.1-int04) to the integration environment last night ( Tonight I promoted the patch to fix a number of bad bugs in last… more

added on March 31, 2011

one step forward and two steps back or maybe it's one back and one to the right

I’ve been wrestling with how I can bring a choice list through from my model to a form in my template. After hours of research I decided it was time to discuss the topic with (beg for help from) a… more

added on March 15, 2011