team glu

an open source application lifecycle management solution

and as I walked through the darkness I saw a light...

Pretty profound eh… well, the truth isn’t. What have I been doing the past few years, not much and definitely not working on team glu, but I have been working and occasionally I get some personal dev time in.

Team Glu was an exciting concept, and I think I’ll always want to work on it, but it’s huge. So baby steps…

About 12 months ago I discovered my daughter had a congenital cataract leaving her blind in one eye. This hit me hard. Living, now, in a regional country/coastal area, access to medical facilities that can help this kind of condition in a 5 year old are very much limited. So within a short amount of time (days) we had to deal with the new news, as well as figure out how to travel to and navigate through a major city we rarely visited. As if our nerves weren’t wrecked enough.

Through discussions with family and friends we discovered a local community transport service that would drive us to our daughters Ophthalmologist appointment (4 hours away) and back for a very small fee. Yay, finally some relief in a terrible situation.

What has this got to do with development. Well I’m not looking for sympathy if that’s what you’re thinking. But this life even lead me to think, why should we be relying on our social network to find community and government assistance to help us in times of crisis, sometime we need information NOW!

So I started working on a project called “Service Finder”. It’s very much unfinished (like all my projects) but here it is anyway;

Check it out @

Maybe do a search on postcode 2539 you know, just for fun.

well that’s it. If you’re reading this… go get a life :P

Added on Dec. 15, 2015