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custom tasks and custom fields

I promoted the latest build (tagged 0.0.1-int04) to the integration environment last night ( Tonight I promoted the patch to fix a number of bad bugs in last nights release :)

Build 0.0.1-int04-fix1 still sports an unfinished task model, however it is more complete than the last release. Some additions to the latest release are;

  • User can define custom task types (i.e. bug, feature, task, story, etc)
  • User can define a custom field (char, text, int, float, boolean, datetime, date, time) on a task type basis (e.g. for the task type 'feature’ a user can add the custom float field 'estimated hours’).
  • Some project settings are now exposed to hide a project from the project list and to make a project closed (i.e. no access unless you’re an Administrator or Member).

Well, that’s about the most of it for this release… the reason being, I’ve had other things to play with…

Keep *glu*ed becuase there is more coming soon.

Added on March 31, 2011