team glu

an open source application lifecycle management solution

a slow may

There hasn’t been a lot of progress on team glu this month. Between attempting a bathroom renovation, little Ruby, my day job (that pays the bills and funds my other hobbies) and my love of home brew (one of my other hobbies) there has been almost no time put into team glu this month.

However that has all changed that. I fired up my dev vm tonight, dot slashed ' runserver’ and tried to figure out where I left things last month… which leads me to think it’s probably about time I ate my own dog food and started recording some tasks in the int team glu, however there are a few reasons why I’m holding off on this.

Firstly, I’ve convinced myself there is a small but significant architectural change I’d like to perform sooner rather than later: move the 'project’ model out of the agilePlanning module and into the core teamglu app. Why? Well the project model is core to team glu – it is a concept that lives without the agilePlanning module needing to exist, and although I don’t want to to make team glu so general that it can “be all to all men”, I still want it to be separated correctly.

Secondly, well it looks like I started something else late last month and I’m going to get it into some usable state before moving on to something else. “WOW, what did you start?” I hear you asking; a querying model and api. Initially it will be quiet simple and raw. But what use is having tasks if you can easily find what you’re after?

Well, that’s it for this entry – hopefully I’ll get something into int soon.

Added on May 23, 2011