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YASM Prototype

Well… only a week later than I would have hoped, but the yet another state machine (yasm) prototype is up and running.

the yasm prototype allows for;

  • custom record types and fields (to make the prototype useful),
  • custom workflow (states and transitions)
  • a basic layout to make it simple to use

Hows it work?

  • login as user open/open (required as some records cannot be created unless you’re logged in)
  • create a project (optional, or use “play pen”)
  • create a workflow (eg. “publish flow”)
  • add some states (eg. “published” and “unpublished”)
  • important note: set one state as the initial state
  • add some transitions (eg. publish: unpublished -> published)
  • create a record type with the workflow set (eg. page)
  • add some fields if you wish (optional)
  • go back to the project home and create a new instance of your record type
  • now execute an action by selection a transition from the drop down and clicking the go button

Well that’s it.

Check it out @

Added on June 17, 2012