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yet another state machine

Well, almost 12 months since the last blog entry… 12 months… Team Glu should be finished right? Far from it.

Between a running after a one and a half year old child, work and home life there has been very little time to dedicate to team glu, but not all is lost.

Over the past few months I’ve been working on a mini project I intend incorporating into team glu, a state machine.

The state machine currently allows you to define a workflow consisting of states and transitions. A transition simply changes the state of an object, see the state diagram below.

Over time I intend on expanding this so that behaviours can be defined for objects in a given state, and also allow for custom code execution based on hooks… I think this will make my humble state machine a fully fledge workflow engine.

For the better part the current code base utilises generic relationships, but the prototype is tightly coupled to a 'record’ object. I intend on removing this so the app remains somewhat generic, so it might be utilised in other projects.

I’m going to finish off a few views to complete the prototype, make it a bit more pretty then host it up on, hopefully by the end of the (long) weekend.

Yay… some progress.

Added on June 10, 2012